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Chapter 2: First Sight- Zander
     I awoke the next morning around six fifteen a.m. It was silent in my house and the sun was just starting to rise above the horizon to light up the day. I watched the sun rays sneak through the crack between the curtains and snail their way up onto my bed. I figured that I might as well make my way to my bus stop. I didn't have to ride the bus. I could just change and run to school, but when I transformed back I would not have any cloths on. I couldn't just tie a pair of cloths on either, due to the fact that a giant wolf prancing down the hallways of Salem High would seem a bit out of the ordinary to my fellow human classmates. I didn't want anyone to know about who I really was. It would cause too much distress and could lead to my destruction.
     I rose out of my bed and walked over to my small cloths dresser and opened the second drawer to grab a pair of socks. I mechanically drew out a pair, shut the drawer and walked back ov
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Zander's Prologue Rewritten
I sat beneath the shade of many tall trees located behind my house. It was the last day of summer break and the fact that I had to go to school the following day filled me with dread. It wasn’t for the normal reasons that scared me. It wasn’t the homework that bothered me, the early rising hours of the school day or even the fact that I was going to school in an unfamiliar place. No. It was the danger that I brought to everyone who was near me. It was how, if I lost my self-control for even an instant, someone could easily be maimed or lose their life. That's why I couldn't become close to anyone. That's why I had to leave my family and be constantly on the move, year after year.
I had left my family at the end of my fifth grade year after I discovered what I was. What I had become. I feared for their lives more than anything in the world, and even though I naturally, wanted to stay I denied this and ran away. They were my family and they had been with me since the beginning
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Always, Amanda
United States
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Personal Quote: Three seconds to say it, three hours to explain it, three lifetimes to prove it.
Alright guys and gals, let me suck up about five to ten minutes of your time (depending on how fast your computer runs and how slow you read).

This evening at seven I sat through a presentation that lasted almost two hours.  The topic was eradicating extreme poverty. Hugh Evans was the speaker. When I walked out of the presentation, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. This sounds awful, but it's really the reaction that someone should have afterwards. Truth is, none of us know what it's like to live in extreme poverty, to live off of $1.25 a day.

Change is around the corner, we just have to get off of our fat, cynical asses and make it happen. Don't get upset, you know it's the truth.

Take the time and at least glance over these links.…
*********** Sign the petition!!!! Every 'signature' donates one dollar to send medicine to the four countries where polio remains. It literally takes all of five seconds to type in the fields and there is no spam sent to your email. You, yourself, don't pay anything. Promise.

I mean this.

Comment if you actually looked over this or have any say.



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